Roof coatings can help protect your roof from leaks, severe weather and make your roof more energy-efficient. Before you decide on a complete roof replacement or re-roofing, let us see if a roof coating might work for you. Our roofers expertly apply roof coatings to any size commercial property and any roofing surface. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about roof coatings.


Flat roofs are a great choice for commercial properties, but they do suffer from ponding water if not properly installed or maintained. Ponding water will speed up the deterioration of your roof cause leaks. Our roofers apply high-quality coatings to eliminate the problems associated with flat roofs.

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Metal Roof Coatings

Metal roof coatings will prevent rust and offer superior leak protection. The right coating will also make your metal roof more energy-efficient and help cut costs on your utility bills. Adding a coating to your metal roof will stop the roof from absorbing the sun’s rays and heat and making your building an unpleasant sauna. On average, your roof will pay for itself in about seven years thanks to the savings on your energy bills.

Roof coatings can add years to the life of your metal roof, not to mention peace of mind, but it is important that the coating is applied correctly. Our experienced roofers take the necessary steps to prepare the roof surface before applying the coating.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric roof coatings offer seamless protection for many roof types. The coating doesn’t just provide enhanced protection and energy savings, but they also look great. Your roof will reap the benefits of an elastomeric roof coating for 20 years, and so will your bottom line.

Commercial Roof Coatings

If you aren’t sure what type of roof coating would work for your commercial property, don’t worry because we do! Often commercial roofs have a 10-year lifespan, far less than other residential roof types. Professionally applied roof coatings will add around 20 years of life to your roof - that is a considerable bonus when you consider the investment you are making. Plus, you will be saving on future repairs when you opt for roof coatings.

Roof coatings are a wise choice and investment for your property. Replacing your entire roof is costly and time-consuming, but roof coatings take a fraction of the time and are much more affordable. Opting for a coating over a replacement could save you 30-60%; that’s a huge saving.

Our roofers always conduct a complete pre and post-job inspection. Thorough inspections before and after allowing us to find every existing and potential problem and eliminated them. If roof coating sounds like the best option for you, contact us today.

Our professional roofers apply roof coatings in Orange Park, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg, Fleming Island, and neighboring areas.

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